The Earth. The Clouds . The Sky.


12 thoughts on “The Earth. The Clouds . The Sky.

  1. Your shot is wonderfully layered. There’s a lot of depth here. One comment if you wouldn’t mind. I would crop the blue sky a little and bring up the exposure in the foreground. Sometimes it’s hard to tell because your screen/monitor might show the foreground well.

    • Thank you , Victor , for comment.
      I am a beginner, who would certainly appreciate your suggestions.
      Please feel free to criticize. I am learning with every shot.
      Shall try your suggestion on the original file.
      Have not done much post-processing here.

      Thanks , again.


  2. I’m in love with this photo! I love how the clouds frame the mountain top. Amazing shot. I’m absolutely in love.

  3. Oh, my! This is wonderful photography. So clean and such color. The angle of the mountain surrounded by those cumulus clouds is beautifully composed.

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