Happy news !

Last week, this blog received an appreciation  in the form of  Awesome Blog Content ( ABC ) award from an brilliant blogger Ms. George Weaver whose blog is titled  –  ‘ She kept a parrot ‘ . She wrote in her blog :

” Light Touch –  https://uthamz.wordpress.com/2012/02/15/whats-up/  Utham does indeed have a light touch.  This is a photography site.  Utham has the courage to allow his photography to speak for itself with only the suggestion of a comment in each titled photograph.  You won’t find extraneous stuff here.  Just absolutely startling photography….untouched and pure.   Don’t miss the photograph of the ancient face titled, “What’s up?” “

A recognition of this kind , on the 27th day of existence of a blog , is certainly,  a morale booster to the blog and of course the blogger. I accept it with all humility.  I am grateful .

This award was was created by Alyson and David Sheldrake of  ”The thought Palette”.

The rules

1.  Thank the person who gave you the award.

2.  Nominate others to receive the award for their own awesome blog content, and notify them of their nomination.

3.  Use the ABCs to describe something about yourself or your philosophy in a word, a sentence or a short paragraph.

Let me start .

1.   Thank the person who gave you the award. –   Easiest of all the rules.

Thank you , George , for the appreciation. This is first one of this type of recognition for my blog and I am more than honoured.

I have been  pleasantly  surprised to read Ms . George Weaver;s blog- ‘ She kept a parrot ‘ http://gweaverii.wordpress.com.It features her random thoughts, notes and  pictures . She is a story teller par excellence. ‘ Old woman’s stories ‘ as she calls them,  leave you spell bound. And pictures are equally good. Please do visit her blog. I am sure you will do it more often , later.

2. Nominate others to receive the award –   A tough one

I have been visiting nearly 75 blogs of various categories on a regular basis. I like most of them. To write their names , blogs, links and then to write to them individually , is not an easy job. I don’t want to miss out any , either. But to comply with the rule, I will nominate 3 blogs( A, B,C ) each month. This month’s nominees are :

A.  Pat Cegan   –    http://patcegan.wordpress.com

B.  Victor Ho    –   http://photobackstory.wordpress.com

C.  Milezaway   –   http://milezawayphotography.wordpress.com

3.Use the ABCs to describe something about yourself –   Toughest of all rules.

Describing myself using alphabets is really tough. Because ‘ I’ was never an important topic in any list of subjects to ponder. And I am an ordinary person. Since it is obligatory, let me try .

A. Ability to laugh at myself  – on my idiotic thoughts, my follies and my stupid deeds.

B. Beauty is something I love to see in people, their actions, their mindset , their culture , art and nature.

C. Caring to the less fortunate.

D. Doctor , by profession, a neurosurgeon to be more specific, whose world is mostly of diseases, disabilities and deaths   mixed with occasional hopes and some happiness.Perhaps, that keeps me humble , with feet firmly on the ground.

That is all. I am not good at it. Trying to cook up qualities to link them to alphabets is a waste of time – yours and mine.

Thank you, George , again. Congratulations to the nominees. Shall write to them soon.

Thanks a lot for all my friends who follow this blog , whose innovative and bold suggestions and comments  have been of great help in making this blog what it is . Let us move ahead , together.