34 thoughts on “?!

    • Thank you ,Andela , for your support.
      May be it felt some sympathy for poor me struggling with
      settings on camera !
      May be it was generous to let me get its picture ! 🙂 🙂

      I did see your blog.
      Excellent stuff !
      Keep posting !


  1. Beautiful colors! I think he was as much hypnotized with your camera as you were with it’s great colors! Congrats! No doubt you were at the right place with your camera on hand. It is something hard for me to keep in mind. I need to make myself better carrying my camera with me all the time. You did great!

    • Thank you , Adriana, for your encouragement and support. My experience with D SLR is less than two years. I , honestly , can not claim that I managed the shot by great planning. No way . Actually , I was lucky to have the right lens, the right light and the right background at the right moment. And the bird , certainly, was very much helpful. I am glad you liked the image.
      Do not worry. Always carry a camera with you. Opportunities will come out of thin air. All the best !

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