A small step in eternity


26 thoughts on “A small step in eternity

    • Thank you, Sheila , for your support .
      This picture is shot in a small town in Southern India – SHRINGERI . It has several Hindu temples – places of worship – which are are of historical and architectural importance . It is a place with beautiful sculptures and serenity everywhere.This picture shows a part of Vidya Sankara Temple , built in 1357 AD. And it is still there , nearly 800 years later , in all its majesty !! Can you believe it ?


    • Thank you , Adriana , for your encouragement . This is a part of a Hindu temple – Vidyasankara Temple – in Southern part of India called Shringeri. It is in banks of a river -Tunga .It is a serene place.This temple was built eight centuries ago., It still there in all its majesty. The place is a small town , no pace of big cities. Life moves in slow motion , here,But it has abundance of serenity, fresh air and of course, peace of mind Try to visit it once !


      • Utham,

        Thanks for the description and story in the temple. I had no idea wonders like this existed!
        It is a wonder how we all now have the opportunity to visit places through inspirational photographers like you.
        Thank you again.

    • You are right, kofegeek ! It is a Hindu temple. Hindu temples are not much complicated . There will be a lot of beautiful sculptures all around. Shall try to get a not-so-complicated picture of temples. Thank you for stopping by .


  1. May be … , I am not sure .
    When I saw him walking into the frame ,
    I waited till he was going through the entrance .

    Thank you for stopping by .


    • Thank you very much …..appreciated.
      I shot it in color as usual . Later cropped a little and converted to B&W in Photoshop.
      Glad you liked it .


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