Yet another sunset


24 thoughts on “Yet another sunset

    • Thank you, Sheila .
      Clouds were simply beautiful, that day.
      As you said , the helicopter was a bonus
      Glad you liked the image .


    • Thank you , Adriana !
      Clouds – their shapes , colors, formation ,movement – all fascinate me too.I love fluffy white clouds .
      Nice you liked the picture.


    • Thank you , John , for the support.
      I visited your blog .
      The photographs are amazing !
      The cover picture of your blog is lovely.
      Keep posting !


  1. For some reason I get an ominous feeling from this shot. Still, I love it. Without the helicopter, it WOULD have been “yet another sunset”. I’m enjoying discovering your work!

    • Thank you, Paul.
      Enjoyed your pictures and ‘ Quotography ‘ !
      Just amazing ! Will certainly visit your blog more often.

      Thanks again .


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