Earth smiles in flowers.


28 thoughts on “Earth smiles in flowers.

    • Thanks Ana .
      Just imagine , my state of mind , while I was walking through a street
      with trees in full bloom , of course with yellow flowers , on both sides !
      It was a marvelous sight !


    • Thank you,Mathangi .
      They are official flowers of the state of Kerala in India.
      Usually blossom in April .
      I do not know its botanical name .But don’t think it matters, anyway.
      It is simply marvelous to see them in full bloom.


      • Hi Dr Utham, Konna’s name is Cassia fistula.. thanks for sharing these.. A little too yellow for my liking but i love many of the other images in the blog..

      • I did not know its botanical name, Georgie
        Thank you, very much , for stopping by and sparing your time for the comments.
        Please do visit again , when you are free..
        Thanks again.


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