Earth smiles in flowers.

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28 thoughts on “Earth smiles in flowers.

    1. Thanks Ana .
      Just imagine , my state of mind , while I was walking through a street
      with trees in full bloom , of course with yellow flowers , on both sides !
      It was a marvelous sight !


    1. Thank you,Mathangi .
      They are official flowers of the state of Kerala in India.
      Usually blossom in April .
      I do not know its botanical name .But don’t think it matters, anyway.
      It is simply marvelous to see them in full bloom.


      1. Hi Dr Utham, Konna’s name is Cassia fistula.. thanks for sharing these.. A little too yellow for my liking but i love many of the other images in the blog..

      2. I did not know its botanical name, Georgie
        Thank you, very much , for stopping by and sparing your time for the comments.
        Please do visit again , when you are free..
        Thanks again.


  1. They used to be popular in my kalari class during Vijaya Dasmi. Now I know – that they are the official flowers of the state. No wonder. Thanks for the information!

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