Worlds within world


25 thoughts on “Worlds within world

    • Wow ! Great news !
      I am thrilled , Lattimer !
      Thank you , sooooooo much !

      I enjoyed your amazing blog- both words and visuals You are doing great blogging !
      All the best !


      • Your welcome, I’ve really enjoyed many of your photos / your blog. Thanks for the great feedback / nice comments, I’m glad you are enjoying them. All the best to you as well!

  1. Great image, Uthamz…wonderful depth of field. Thanks for stopping by my Elm Drive Images and giving my Deer Photo, a “Like.” Stop by again soon…I’ll be watching your site.

  2. Is the light different where you are? I know that artists and photographers love Santa Fe, New Mexico, US, because of the wonderful light there. There are bald mountains and sand. I suppose that affects the light. Anyway, all of your photos have this definite quality of light that I don’t see anywhere else. They are beautiful.

    • Thank you , George , for those kind words.
      All credits go to Nature !
      It is just natural light ( I don’t have strobes or flashes ) , almost always during dawn or dusk .
      I am happy you liked the images .


  3. uthamz: Thanks for the comment on my Ming and Sheba Image…and for the,”Likes,” on the others. I appreciate your time and effort for visiting my site. I’ll be watching your site, of course.

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