Green ! How many shades can there be ?

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47 thoughts on “Green ! How many shades can there be ?

  1. Was this taken recently? Because it looks like some of the leaves are turning. This will be a great place for foliage in the fall, I bet.

  2. Thank you for your visits to my blog, Careann’s Musings. They haven’t gone unnoticed. I clicked over to see what you might be blogging about and was in awe of this beautiful photo… it’s colours and clarity are amazing. I love greens in nature, especially in spring (I blogged about them last year here: I will be back soon to explore more of your blog.

    1. Thank you , Carol for the kind words.

      Have enjoyed your impressive blog.
      You are doing great blogging .
      Keep going !


  3. That’s pretty cool..thanks for spending time on my site, this is the first of your posts I’m looking at, and I look forward to seeing more!

    1. Thank you ,Annie . Have been enjoying your blog .Drawings, Paintings , photographs … all impressive stuff ! Keep going !


  4. Wow, what an eye for beauty you have! Thank you also for dropping in on my blog 🙂

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