Blue way


14 thoughts on “Blue way

    • Thank you , Tiffany , for your kind gesture.
      And Congratulations , as well.
      I am immensely happy for the recognition.
      More so , because it is from such a talented blogger !!
      Shall check out the link.

      Thanks , again and again !


  1. This is like so cool. Wow factor given on first view. We have aquarium such as this in Malaysia, but I never thought of this view and snapshot before. I might wanna go there again and try again. LOL

    P.S.: Thanks for liking and following 🙂

    • Thank you , Kim !
      This one is from Dubai. I have been to the aquarium in Singapore , which seems to be smaller but almost similar in lighting and looks .
      Try it . All the best !
      BTW, enjoyed your blog ! Interesting one !
      Keep posting !


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