The Limit


11 thoughts on “The Limit

  1. I have been enjoying your blog for a few days now but every time I visit I just get lost in a picture and lose the ambition to write – thank you for the beautiful distraction.

  2. A simple yellow and black pole against a green metal fencing. We see this almost everyday in our lives. But it took a fantastic click from you to make me realize that the most mundane things in life can be beautiful, and it depends on how you look at it. Thanks, Utham.

  3. I agree with Hemachandran. The mundane made beautiful. I especially like the composition with the pole separating the lighted and shaded parts of the intricate fence…and it’s in precisely a Fibonacci position! Kudos. This one is perfectly executed.

  4. Somehow I liked this photograph much – may be because it was simple.
    That is why I posted it , even when most of my photographer friends suggested to discard it .
    I am delighted , George , when someone of your caliber appreciates it !
    Thank you , soooooooo much ! 🙂


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