Who ? Paparazzi ?


26 thoughts on “Who ? Paparazzi ?

  1. It’s well done. You have a certain style which I am getting used to. It’s a good thing. You develop your own distinctive style and it’s yours. I have often wondered how you go about doing this. But I wouldn’t ask. Your style is good. Did I say that?

    • Thank you, Victor for the kind words. I am learning photography for last two years, whenever I get free time.- from books net and by practice . Attending some course in my case ,as you know, is impossible . I would like to know my deficiencies so that I can improve upon them. I know I have a loooong way to go .I know you are an expert .I am open to suggestions and criticisms. No ego problems – absolutely.. Your criticisms are always welcome.

    • It had an obvious dislike for me and my zoom lens. It acted busy for quite some time.
      I waited patiently. . At last , when it sat down , it turned away from me.
      And for just a moment looked back to know whether I was still there !

      Thank you , Sheila , for your continuing support and encouragement !


  2. My entire life I have wanted to have a bird like the one in this photo. I believe it is a sun conure? The problem is that I would never leave the house if I had a bird. I would be with the bird all the time. I love birds dearly.

    • May your wish come true, liwy !
      And may you have happiness all the time !
      Birds are fun , certainly .
      I am not sure of its name and details , but was fascinated by the richness of its colors !

      Thank you for stopping by and spending time to comment. Hope you will come back often.


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