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21 thoughts on “Boats

    1. Thank you, Paul. Frankly , I don’t know much of post processing. I can crop, tweak the contrast and brightness a little – that is all. I have plans to learn more. This picture ,I shot with wrong white balance. But, though it was a mistake ,I liked the effect on color .( BTW, Paul , it is a secret. Let it be so 🙂 .O.K ? )


      1. I don’t know how many followers you have but this post has 44 likes. And you want me to keep the secret? You think no one reads these comments? Ok, I’ll humor you. My lips are sealed.

      2. Ohh,just kidding ! I would prefer to admit my mistakes, Paul. It helps.
        I know , I have a long way to go


      3. I would prefer to have someone else to blame my mistakes on. But I hope you realize anything I say is in jest. Unless I’m complimenting you.

  1. Loved the different shades of, blue- the water, sky, boat roofs… It’s very soothing…

    1. Thank you, HoaiPhai , for the kind words.
      May be because of the reflection of the pink clouds in blue waters .
      Happy to know you liked it


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