Two generations

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20 thoughts on “Two generations

  1. Utham, I think that photography has to transmit life, and not only be a smart cold image. Congrats for this picture of yours.

    1. I do agree with you, mfr .
      Thank you for the observation.
      It was a candid shot. I do not know who they are.
      The contrast – in style, activity , expressions and body language – was clear and loud ,
      though the light was dim.

      Thanks again .


  2. Love it. The mother is bored, and thinks the daughter is ridiculous fingering that stupid smart phone. The daughter is becoming oblivious to life in the present moment. Great shot!

      1. Love and kee care to your mother as she beside you now….. Great Photo Utham…

        –abdul manaf–

  3. Quite a sign of our times. That study in contrast wouldn’t have been so possible even fifty years ago, much less at any other time in history. Nicely done, Utham.

    1. I was wondering whether the personal electronic gadgets, especially mobile phones ,
      are stealing the new generation of the pleasures of the real world life !
      They seem to prefer their own virtual world , instead .

      Thank you , Sid , for stopping by .


    1. True, Rossana .
      Gadgets, especially mobile phones , have become the opium of the new generation. They are omnipresent and almost omnipotent , as well ! 🙂 !
      Thank you very much for stopping by and commenting !


  4. I like the fact that we know what the word is, and we know why people have to go there to get them, but with those two ladies, their faces are ever so subtly in the dark. Nice.

    1. Thank you , so much.
      It was a candid shot , Russel .
      I do not know who they are .
      Their body language tells it all .


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