Two generations


20 thoughts on “Two generations

  1. Utham, I think that photography has to transmit life, and not only be a smart cold image. Congrats for this picture of yours.

    • I do agree with you, mfr .
      Thank you for the observation.
      It was a candid shot. I do not know who they are.
      The contrast – in style, activity , expressions and body language – was clear and loud ,
      though the light was dim.

      Thanks again .


  2. Love it. The mother is bored, and thinks the daughter is ridiculous fingering that stupid smart phone. The daughter is becoming oblivious to life in the present moment. Great shot!

    • I was wondering whether the personal electronic gadgets, especially mobile phones ,
      are stealing the new generation of the pleasures of the real world life !
      They seem to prefer their own virtual world , instead .

      Thank you , Sid , for stopping by .


    • True, Rossana .
      Gadgets, especially mobile phones , have become the opium of the new generation. They are omnipresent and almost omnipotent , as well ! 🙂 !
      Thank you very much for stopping by and commenting !


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