What next ?


36 thoughts on “What next ?

    • Thank you, so much. Our guy was busy eating some seeds, then , suddenly he stood still , for a moment , contemplating ,…I was waiting for that moment ! πŸ™‚ !

  1. I love how both the focal point and background of your images manage to stand out on their own while coming together at the same time to create one unified image that has a beauty unto itself.

    • Thank you , Matt ,for your encouraging words .
      I was watching this cute thing for quiet some time ,
      to get a moment without movement ! Luckily , then ,
      the background was complimentary .


  2. I subscribed to your blog and apparently the setting was set for “never”, so I never got any updates, I’m so sorry. Looking forward to actually getting them now.

    • It was a cute little thing , Radu.But very naughty and restless .
      I was after it for quite some time to get a nice shot.

      Thank you for stopping by.


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