46 thoughts on “OMG !

  1. Utham, you’re as bad as me. No sooner do I post something and you “like” or comment on it. We both have to “get a life”! But this blogging has taken hold of me. It’s my drug of choice- and far less dangerous. I’m addicted. Now, I must get back to work!

    • πŸ™‚ ! Paul , Tell me , please, how I can not ‘like’ and comment upon your impressive posts and the ‘ likable ‘ quotes .
      Blogging is still not an addiction for me , but I am regularly finding time to read and see the blogs I follow.
      I have got a number of friends – including you, of course – through this blogging which I think , is far more important.
      Let us go on , Paul. It improves us and our skills immensely . Keep posting !


  2. What a lovely bird, Utham. I have a few bird field guides, but none for your part of the world – what species is that?

    • Thank you , Sid
      Frankly , I do not know what kind of bird it is.
      I was just wandering in the birds’ section of the zoo
      and found this bird with striking color and contrast.
      I was after it to get a good shot without delay ,as light too was good at that time ,,meanwhile I missed its description.( I should have noted that , Sorry ! 😦 )

    • Thank you , Hemacha.
      It was shot in Thiruvananthapuram zoo.
      Don’t know what kind of bird it is.
      Certainly , it was colorful !

      Thanks again.


    • Thank you ,Chillbrook, for the kind words.
      Enjoyed your impressive blog , your story and photographs as well. Excellent posts , I should say.
      I am following your blog. Lokking forward to your future posts .


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