19 thoughts on “Colorful statuettes

    • Thank you , Coreen, for the kind words.
      I , certainly , enjoyed your impressive blog – your paintings , your sketches. Will be stopping by regularly. Keep posting !


    • Thank you for the kind words.
      It is a Hindu temple in Little India region in Singapore.
      Colors appeared to be brighter compared to the temples in India.
      I am glad you liked it.


  1. One of the many beauties of the rich Indian legacy: its diverse an colorful Gods…. These sculptures are like nothing I have ever seen! They are divine and even more than that! Congratulations for having conections (I assume… and I apologise if I’m mistaking) to this noble people, religion and tradition. Congratulations for the picture!

    • Thank you , Radu Stefen , for the kind words. You are right and have nothing to apologise. I am from India – From a city called Kochi – in southern part of it. Indian culture and traditions have a looooong history and awesome depth. Naturally , we appreciate and are proud of it. I would like to share some of it on the blog as well. And in fact , this picture is of an Indian temple in Singapore. May I invite you to add a visit to India ,in your wish list. Surely , you will enjoy it !


  2. Amazing colors and textures. I love it!
    Thanks for liking my work and thanks for sharing yours.
    See you around! 🙂

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