33 thoughts on “Symphony

    • It is played in a Hindu Temple in India during the annual festival. This is a shot when the music was ascending to a culmination.Very inspiring music full of energy !Drum beats are awesome. I have recorded some part on a camera with video facility.Recording was far from perfect.

      • We have a very active Indian community and Hindu culture in Pittsburgh, and we actually have Indian music on the radio and live performances. It is very energetic music! I know they’ve performed festival music, but I’m not sure what I’ve heard. I’ll have to keep my ears open for the annual festival.

      • The instruments are also special. Only natural materials used.Most often they are transferred to the next generations. No high tech stuff. No digital cacophony. Only the magic of trained musicians performing in harmony !

        Shall try to record the music next time. It is worth hearing occasionally.

        Thank you so much.


    • Muchas gracias por las amables palabras!
      Me alegra que te haya gustado!
      ( Thank you very much for the kind words !
      I am happy you liked it ! )


    • Thank you , Tiffany.
      It is a unique experience to be there at the site to enjoy the music .Sad , I could not record the music properly !


  1. Great, great title to go along w/ this image, Uthamz. Am glad to know about your site now and will visit more often. Thanks also to you for liking my post “Trail map anyone?”. It’s always great to hear from fellow photographers. It’s an incredible world out there, isn’t it? Keep up the great work!

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