City lights


16 thoughts on “City lights

    • Thank you, Sid. I was just waiting for the musical fountain to start its performance.
      Then thought the light was right !

      Dubai – I don’t know much about its financial basics, but lot of construction activity goes on .
      And they have built up a tourism city – tallest building , underground aquarium and even a ski area – on desert !


    • I am not sure , ‘Face’ ! If you are interested in architecture , jewellary and city life – may be yes !
      Otherwise from photography point of view , at least for me , it was not much rewarding .
      I could get only few good shots .


    • Exactly , mfr ! Beautiful cityscape, indeed.
      This is close to the tallest building in the world.
      And the musical fountain is a treat for eyes and ears.


    • Thank you so much.
      Actually I was waiting to the musical fountain
      in the pool. Then , I thought , even without fountain
      it looked great . Happy to know you liked it .


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