Then what ?

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39 thoughts on “Then what ?

    1. Thank you , Lyle.
      Thank you very much for stopping by and spending time to comment . Have been enjoying your superb wild life pictures . Keep posting !


    1. Thank you , Scott. The soft light , that too , coming from behind the bird , certainly made the color more gentle and pleasant .
      Happy , that you liked it .


    1. It is a pelican , Sheila.
      I am not sure what type of it or don’t know other details.
      It looked nice with light coming from behind it .

      Thank you so much. Iam glad you liked it .


  1. I remember going to the local zoo, for the first time, when I was four years old. The animals that fascinated me the most were pelicans. I really thought they were the best birds in the world: their long beaks, the sound of their people, the feathers… all interested me! I still think they’re great!

    1. In this case, I was lucky to have great light as well !
      I do agree with you – pelicans are amazing !

      Thank you , very much .


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