Telling stories. Colorfully.

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40 thoughts on “Telling stories. Colorfully.

    1. No , Asifa .
      It is a folk art called Chakkiar kooth.
      Rare performances. I have not seen it before .
      This is the first time.


  1. Beautiful image (and interesting cultural reference from Kerala).
    To me images have to trasport not only forms and colours, but deep meaning (when possible…)
    Nice week, Utham

    1. Thank you , mfr !
      This is a dying form of art. Very few people practice it.I too saw it for the first time.Found interesting !


      1. I have seen it before. One of my friend is a gifted artist who could perform this. 🙂

      2. You are lucky , Manu.
        I have known about it before , but could see the performance only recently. Truly gifted people !


    1. Thank you , SEL !
      It was a great show. I liked the expressions , the colors as well as his movements .
      Glad you liked the image .


    1. Thanks a lot , Angeline .
      He thrilled and amused the audience . A talented performer , indeed !
      Happy to get a few good shots of the show .


    1. Thank you very much.
      It is a folk art from Kerala. Happy you like the place.
      Now you have one more friend !
      Come , visit us when you are free.


    1. Thank you , Cristi , for the nomination.
      Thank you for your continuing support .
      I am , in fact , thrilled to be nominated by you.

      Shall check the link.

      Thanks – Again !


    1. Thank you , Rodenas .
      Please do ome , visit at least a few places , see for yourself the diversity of the country. There are imperfections ,there are problems , but it is worth seeing at least once .Thank you for stopping by !


    1. It is a folk art , RS, in India.
      A rare one . I saw it for the first time.
      But , was thoroughly impressed by the performance.
      An immensely talented guy !

      Thank you for stopping by .


  2. I figure if this is black and white I would still keep the same title … If just the eyes was caught rizor sharp … Or may be not … Its beautiful and happy as it is …

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