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37 thoughts on “Ummm…delicious

    1. Thank you , Francine !
      I think they talk to each other rather well.
      Sad we cannot understand their language . Still interesting to watch !


    1. Thank you so much !
      Enjoyed your impressive blog
      Excellent words ! Superb pictures !
      Congratulations to both of you !


    1. The colors were beautiful. And they were interacting well.
      It was nice to watch them for some time.
      Happy to know you liked them .


    1. Thank you , Phil.
      Only problem was their movement .
      They are very much restless, very rarely only they remain still .


  1. I’m left speechless! what bright and beautiful colors! just one look at them and it makes your day! immensely loved the pair πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you , Teju , for the kind words.
      I too was wondering how much colorful birds can be !
      Marvelous creation of nature !


    1. Thanks a lot .
      I have not seen birds so much colorful , before.
      They were a treat to the eyes !

      Thank you for stopping by and spending time to comment !


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