Backyard of skyscrapers

49 thoughts on “Backyard of skyscrapers

  1. The brightness of the roofs is an excellent contrast to the more monochromatic city behind, but even the city has some unusual splashes of color on the buildings. Lovely.

    • I do agree with you. The city too is colorful in patches , though not as much as the rooftops.
      Thank you for stopping by and the comment.


  2. I wish they would do this for all the slums in Bombay, instead of displacing them. They only need a good roof and sanitation to make them like this.



    • It is Singapore , Kavita. The level of cleanliness is not at all comparable to that of Mumbai.
      And you know the problems here. May be someday things will change .

      Thank you.


  3. Very sad to see. Your pic speaks a thousand words. Where have all the trees, animals gone…and where are the people? Locked up? Lost in the frenzy of modernity.

      • I used to live in Skyscraper City. I remember it well! You jarred my memory with your lovely photo.

    • Singapore is a nice city , very much tourist friendly .
      Well organised for tourism.People of several nationalities , the variety of their culture , an excellent bird park , an island built only for tourism …. worth a visit ! I am sure you will like it . Thank you, Sid.

  4. Singapore, eh? That’s one location I’ve yet to hit. Looks very interesting, and I love the contrasts between the row houses and the distant, modern skyline.

    Good job.

    • Yes , it is Singapore !
      A country where anyone from any part of the world will feel comfortable. Worth visiting at least once !
      Thank you , Doug .


  5. Urtham,greenlightlady is correct it looks like a flower garden. the colors are Spectator. Even the colors on the tall buildings are awesome. Great photo.

  6. What an interesting photography—quite a contrast. Where is this at?

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