One boat . Two worlds

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29 thoughts on “One boat . Two worlds

      1. Oh… these boats look new… I’ve been to Kodaikanal once… boated as well but I guess my boat was too wretched… leaked from the pedals as soon as I started paddling… wet me from head to toe… was a very funny experience!

      2. These are luxury boats , for honeymooners ! 🙂 ! I have seen them near Hotel Carlton there. Usual boats we pedal are old and rusty , as you said. I have been there several times . I love the place and its silence ! Thank you very much.


    1. A quiet evening , calm lake , soft ripples …
      Serenity was all over there.

      Thank you very much .


  1. Beautiful photo. I seem to be having some problem with WordPress on some blogs I follow, but don’t get email notification. I haven’t seen some of your posts, like this one. I’m going to “unsubscribe” and then subscribe again to see if that helps. Thanks for coming over to visit.

    1. Sometimes I too had experienced the problem, Angeline Please try it.Thank you so much !


  2. Subtle stories told through the lens is what makes a good photographer. Utham, please allow me pay my respect by saying that your photography is brilliant.

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