Magnificence !

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34 thoughts on “Magnificence !

    1. It is the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, Sid.
      Amazing architecture with all those arches and intricate designs . The way they maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the structure is highly appreciable.
      Thank you .


    1. Thank you , Johan.
      The credit of the light goes the insightful design where light comes in thru the windows and arches.
      A beautiful creation , indeed.


    1. Thank you , Joelle ! I am delighted.
      Thank you very much for the nomination and the kind words. I accept it all humility.

      Shall check the blog and link.

      Thanks again .

    1. Certainly ! A great deal of imagination ang thinking has gone into its design ! A marvellous creation !

      Thank you.


  1. Such fine Architecture, to me appear like the human mind. Intricate, delicate, complex — and perfected within the span of a whole lifetime.
    I must say that it is not only the fine craftsmanship and design of the Mosque that captivates the mind here.. the brilliant photography does too.

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