Refreshed Relics

14 thoughts on “Refreshed Relics

    • Thank you , Manu.
      The nostalgic value got enhanced , when they were polished. They may be out of use now, but the craftmanship in their design and making , I think , is still laudable .


      • That they are… My mother got these things polished recently and kept as precious artifacts from the past. 🙂 What use they were and what use are of them now… 😀

      • :)!
        With the arrival of newer alloys and non-stick stuff , they are out of daily use .After all ,change is the only constant thing , isn’t it , Manu ?


  1. I have a fascination for all things old… At home, we have some really old objects, and I think they are in a more usable condition, than most of their newer counterparts…

    • Old is , certainly , gold – most of the time, Kasturika.
      They are useful, but , with the fast pace of today’s life ,
      who will bother to take some extra time to clean them ? And disposable alternatives are readily available .So these rest in our show cases ! 🙂 !

      Thank you for spending time to comment .


    • Thank you , Andrea. They are brass utensils which were in use in last century in India- used no more. They have some nostalgic value now.But I thought they are ‘photogenic ‘ ! :)!


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