Bliss !

53 thoughts on “Bliss !

  1. It’s so funny…I just posted pictures of these birds yesterday! Do you know what kind they are? People have been asking me and I don’t know. 🙂

    • Thank you , Sid . You are right .
      For us , they are all similar birds . But they seem to be as unique and different as humans.
      Nature is amazing !


    • Luck ? Of course , Piyush . Tons of it !!

      It is one of the best shots I could ever get .
      I got a couple of shots before this but they were not good.
      The birds just ignored me and stayed there .Then , I could get the settings right .
      Usually , as you know , these birds never give you second chance ! Luck , nothing else !

      Thank you , Piyush.


    • 🙂 ! I do agree with you , Mohan.
      I had a couple of clicks before this shot – which had camera shake and the aperture was not right too.. That must have disturbed them.Usually if you do not get it right at first try , the birds will be gone.But I am relieved that they still remained there.

      Thank you, Mohan.


  2. Blissful indeed! My dad’s a photographer of old times. He owned atleast 7 manual cameras. I have seen him take some really splendid pictures of people and life on the run. I am seeing similarly amazing pictures in your blog!!
    I would like to add that with the kind of cameras in the market today, its very encouraging to be a photographer in today’s times.
    Great work, keep it going!

    • Thank you , Prathibha, for the kind words. I apologise for the delay in response.
      I am happy to know about your father’s great pictures. But they were really great photographers who had to
      work hard to get picture right. I have great respect for the people who worked in the ‘ film era’ .
      I have seen some awesome pictures shot with cameras of yesteryears. Sheer talent and hard work !!
      Today , we have technology to do most of the work and photoshop to correct the mistakes.
      Still , original pictures happen only rarely.

      Thanks again . I assure you my best efforts .


  3. nice capture. i love such moments which is not directed or acted. nice timing. if birds could only speak, they will asked you for more shoot.

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