Post : 101 . A ‘ Thank you ‘ note !

The last post titled  ‘ Bliss ‘ was a  milestone in the life of this blog which was started 10 months back. It was the 100th post . Time for some  introspection .

The stats of the blog , today , read :

100 posts.  1103  followers . 32700 hits – From 101 countries – ( Maximum from US  and then from India and United Kingdom .)

It shows how much kind and caring , YOU , my friends in blogging world have been.

I am quite aware that there are hundreds of blogs with millions of followers and zillions of hits .But , for some one like me , starting a blog for the first time with no experience or  expectations , these stats are more than satisfactory.

But , stats are just stats . What has been more satisfying than them, is the experience of blogging . Friends , from all over the world ,come forward to follow . They share their experience . They  help to improve , with the comments , appreciation and constructive criticism.  They bestow Awards upon , to  encourage.  They offer suggestions to make things better. What an amazing journey , it has been !

I am grateful   –

# to my family for the support and for tolerating the (often irritating :)! ) ‘  photography craze ‘ during our holiday trips.

# to my kith and kin who guided me with valuable suggestions from the initial days of the blog.

# to YOU– my friends in the blogging world , who have  helped me to improve my photography skills . I know I have miles and miles ( and more miles ! ) to go . I assure you my best efforts!