Bright reflections

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46 thoughts on “Bright reflections

    1. Thank you so much , Cristi !
      Your encouragement has been invaluable all the way .
      It is me who is honoured !
      With all humility , I accept it .

    1. Thank you,John.
      I did try panorama shot . I have not practiced it much before . And , the result was , well,pathetic !
      Even mighty Photoshop was helpless 😦 !
      I will practice it more often .


  1. Hey Utham ! People take a lot of trouble to make these kinda shots very sharp – but as u showed us fuzzy works too !! Nice

    1. Thank you, Joe.
      The lights there were just superb , creating a wonderful atmosphere.
      I could capture only a tiny part of it .


    1. Thank you JB, for the kind words.
      Sorry for the delay in response.
      I am thrilled to see it reblogged in your blog.

      Thanks again .


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