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18 thoughts on “Festivities

    1. This is in south India , Coreen.
      These festivities are warm, colorful and are always with rhythms special for each sect / culture /religion.
      – a treat for all the senses.
      The sheer variety of festivities is amazing !
      I do not know much about similar ones in UK

      Thank you.


  1. Beautiful. I’m so jealous of people who either live or are able to travel to exotic places and take fantastic photographs. Graet job.

    1. It is near my home , Phyllis . An annual affair .
      There are hundreds of similar festivities of hundreds of sects / religions in India.
      Why don’t you plan a visit , when you have free time ?
      You will get enough resources for all your interests- paintings, novels , TV shows and photography !
      Your awesome blog will be even more interesting !


      1. Thanks for the invite. You’re right, my bog would be more interesting. I don’t come for lack of desire, but for lack of money.

    1. Thank you for the kind words.
      The whole atmosphere is charged with colors, music and enthusiasm !
      I thought a video could capture the spirit in real sense.
      May be , shall try next time .

      Thanks again.


  2. I tend to like everything that you do-I know I’m partial to still lifes and scense like this one. It’s exotic and colorful-oh-that describes your work. No wonder I like it.

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