18 thoughts on “Festivities

    • This is in south India , Coreen.
      These festivities are warm, colorful and are always with rhythms special for each sect / culture /religion.
      – a treat for all the senses.
      The sheer variety of festivities is amazing !
      I do not know much about similar ones in UK

      Thank you.


    • It is near my home , Phyllis . An annual affair .
      There are hundreds of similar festivities of hundreds of sects / religions in India.
      Why don’t you plan a visit , when you have free time ?
      You will get enough resources for all your interests- paintings, novels , TV shows and photography !
      Your awesome blog will be even more interesting !


      • Thanks for the invite. You’re right, my bog would be more interesting. I don’t come for lack of desire, but for lack of money.

    • Thank you for the kind words.
      The whole atmosphere is charged with colors, music and enthusiasm !
      I thought a video could capture the spirit in real sense.
      May be , shall try next time .

      Thanks again.


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