It’s raining …

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43 thoughts on “It’s raining …

    1. We have a lot of rain every year , Krahn . These days it rains in every season ! 🙂 !
      Of course , it causes a lot of trouble , especially for photographers.
      But rain on a lazy holiday , I think , is a real blessing .This was shot on such a day .

      Thank you., Krahn .


  1. Beautiful shot! One little red petal stands out among the green and the atmosphere just makes everything appealing with it’s lighting.
    Another lovely post, Uthamz!

    1. It was dull rainy day , but the light , I thought , had some magic in it .
      The red petal , though small , was quite obvious .

      Thank you for the kind words.


    1. Rain is a beautiful experience each time , Maralee.
      There is some ‘magic’ in walking in the rain , don’ t you think so ?

      Glad you liked it.
      Thank you.


    1. Thank you ,Cristi , for the nomination !
      I am really indebted to you for the contued encouragement .
      I humbly accept it.

      Thanks again.


    1. Thank you , for the nice words.
      When rain spoils our efforts to go out and shoot,
      photographing the rain is the only option ! :)!
      Happy that you liked the picture.


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