It’s raining …

43 thoughts on “It’s raining …

    • We have a lot of rain every year , Krahn . These days it rains in every season ! 🙂 !
      Of course , it causes a lot of trouble , especially for photographers.
      But rain on a lazy holiday , I think , is a real blessing .This was shot on such a day .

      Thank you., Krahn .


  1. Beautiful shot! One little red petal stands out among the green and the atmosphere just makes everything appealing with it’s lighting.
    Another lovely post, Uthamz!

    • It was dull rainy day , but the light , I thought , had some magic in it .
      The red petal , though small , was quite obvious .

      Thank you for the kind words.


    • Thank you ,Cristi , for the nomination !
      I am really indebted to you for the contued encouragement .
      I humbly accept it.

      Thanks again.


    • Thank you , for the nice words.
      When rain spoils our efforts to go out and shoot,
      photographing the rain is the only option ! :)!
      Happy that you liked the picture.


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