Still life .

47 thoughts on “Still life .

    • THANK YOU ( in CAPITALS ! :)! ) Rebecca !
      I humbly accept the nomination.
      Thank you for your continuing encouragement .
      Friends , like you , keep me going !
      I am grateful.


      • You have an amazing blog!! I have learned so much about lighting and angle just by coming to see your photography. You look at life through an artist’s lens! I am looking forward to learning more from you in 2013! A new year of blogging adventures await us!!!

    • Thank you , Allan, for your appreciation.
      You are 100% right . It is certainly tough to get it right.
      Behind this single shot , there are more than 25 rejected and deleted shots .

      Thanks , again.


    • With humility and delight , I accept your nomination for the award.
      Thank you very much.
      Thank you for the kind words as well.
      I have noticed the colorful photos of your blog .
      Your bold and crisp photographs have been always impressive.

      Shall check the link.

      Thanks , again.

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