Serene Dawn

Canon, Digital photography, Landscape., Nature, Photography, Travel



31 thoughts on “Serene Dawn

  1. Some mornings are special . This was one.
    You are right . Peace of mind and soul – that was my feeling too.

    Thank you.


    1. Thank you , Eunice , for your kind gesture.
      I am delighted to receive the appreciation.

      Shall check the link.
      Thank you so much !


    1. Thank you , Romnie , for the nomination.
      Receiving appreciation from someone like you makes it more special.
      Your continuing encouragement is really appreciated.

      Shall visit the link.

      Thanks again.


    1. Thank you ,Noor , for the award.
      Sorry , for the delay in reply.
      I am happy to receive the appreciation.
      Such encouragement keeps me going.

      Shall visit the link.

      Thank you . Again.


    1. THANK YOU ( in CAPITALS ! :)! ) , Cheyenne ,for the nomiation.
      I am delighted to receive it.

      Congratulations for the awards you have received.
      You really deserve them !
      Keep going ! You are doing good work !

      Shall check the link.

      Thanks again !


    1. Thank you , Asifa .
      I visited the blog ! Simply beautiful pix !
      I wish I could shoot such pictures ! I know , I have along way to go. Thank you for directing me to the blog.
      I am following the blog .

      Thanks again .


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