14 thoughts on “Focus

  1. How close were you? This almost doesn’t look like it coud be in real life!! I’ve only tigers seen pictures or in a circus or zoo. Where did you take this? It just looks like you were having a chat, and the tiger wasn’t really too happy about it. :Great picture! )

    • Marsha, it was shot in a zoo in India – in city of Chennai – , where tigers are kept in open spaces , not in cages.They just roam around the vast area. Of course , there is a fence around and we are safe. I was happy to see them so, rather than in congested captivity of cages.I was about 10 meters away . It was focussing on another guy with a long zoom lens . :)! I was not important for it , luckily !! :)!

      Thank you, Marsha


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