Reflections at night

28 thoughts on “Reflections at night

  1. I often personally disfavor yellow tones in a photography but this piece is so beautiful because the yellows are the warmth and it goes so beautifully with the night’s darkness and the moving water surface. Very beautiful..!

    • In the night , the mono effect of yellow was standing out among several other buildings with light of multicolors.
      And the reflections seemed to be nice .
      Luckily , I had the camera with me.

      Thank you , Krahn .


  2. How wonderful life can be ?? … To have your dreams come true … You can see a light shine through your heart .. Every blessed day .. Even where there is darkness … You will be able to see a radiating light from your heart over the darkness … Simply because you are joyfully content …
    This is just beautiful … Thanks for sharing Uthamz ….

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