Reflections at night

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28 thoughts on “Reflections at night

  1. I often personally disfavor yellow tones in a photography but this piece is so beautiful because the yellows are the warmth and it goes so beautifully with the night’s darkness and the moving water surface. Very beautiful..!

    1. In the night , the mono effect of yellow was standing out among several other buildings with light of multicolors.
      And the reflections seemed to be nice .
      Luckily , I had the camera with me.

      Thank you , Krahn .


    1. Thank you , Phil.
      It was a shot I got out of blue.
      I was otherwise engaged , but the reflections were too irresistiblle to miss.


    1. Thank you very much , Eunice !
      A well timed nomination !
      Thank you.

      And best wishes for Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !


  2. How wonderful life can be ?? … To have your dreams come true … You can see a light shine through your heart .. Every blessed day .. Even where there is darkness … You will be able to see a radiating light from your heart over the darkness … Simply because you are joyfully content …
    This is just beautiful … Thanks for sharing Uthamz ….

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