Family times


Family times

60 thoughts on “Family times

  1. Oh my I thought these were statues when I first saw this picture! I guess I’ve never seen them so up close before. I used to do a lot of projects on pelicans as a kid. I lived in Louisiana and it was our state bird haha. Nice to see them not drawn in crayon!

    • :)! Olive , they are real . Certainly real.
      But this ia a zoo shot . Not in their natural environs.
      They are interesting birds . I love them to watch , and of course ,to photograph.
      Thank you so much.


    • The credit goes to the overcast sky and the greenery creating superb light.
      Thank you , Ruth.
      Best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year !


  2. Hello :))
    Thank you very much for your visit!
    wowww!! Great Photo!!
    I enjoyed so much your blog.
    I wish you a happy 2013~~much happiness ~~
    Greetings from Brazil ~~ Jussara

    • Thank you , soooooo much , Jussara , for your kind words.
      I was really impressed by the awesome art work in your blog .
      Only a great creative mind can make such work .
      Congratulations !
      Keep going !
      Will visit your blog more often .

      Let me wish you a happy and prosperous new year !

      Thanks again.

      • You’re very welcome Utham!
        I feel very happy and honored with your words
        about my work. Thank you very much.
        Your blog is wonderful, you create the splendor!
        I was also very impressed with your wonderful images.
        Thanks for your kind words and
        for visiting my blog!
        I wish you much happiness in 2013
        many greetings ~~ Jussara

    • Thanks a lot , Konstantine, for the kind words.
      I am glad that you liked the image.
      I was really impressed by the monochrome images on your blog
      Keep going !


      • Thank you kindly for such kind words they are most appreciated. Photography is a beautiful way of expressing what one feels within their heart in pictures. All the best and take great care.
        God bless

      • You are very welcome, Utham! I remember when your blog was just getting going & now it is great to see so many people stopping by that enjoy your work! Congrats on that! Keep it up and enjoy the day!

      • I still remember all those friends
        who kept me going in the initial stages,
        when I was NOT sure of the response to the photography.
        I still follow all their blogs ,of course , including yours.
        I am grateful .

        Your encouragement helped me to improve my skills as well.
        Thank you.


  3. This is unbelievably beautiful! I don’t know how much time I spent looking at the gorgeous pair pelicans! LOVED it! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi, I just landed on your blog…seeing that you are a Neuro surgeon, I would be interested if you have heard about Neuro Balance and if yes, what do you think about it?
    Your photos are fantastic……

    • Thank you so much for the kind words.

      I am, as you mentioned , a neurosurgeon,
      doing operations on brain and spine.
      I am not an expert on NeuroBalance
      processes and techniques .
      It is not fair to comment on stuff which
      I do not know much.
      I am sorry .


    • :)! I too, was thinking like you , Mohan !
      I did not want to disturb them at all.
      But still , I feared the noise of shutter will disturb them.
      Luckily , they ignored me and my presence totally !!

      Thank you.


  5. A lovely, lovely photo-the color is so rich and the light is exquisite-your photos are beautiful and very evocative.
    Thank you too for visiting my blog-I certainly appreciate it-

    • Thank you so much for the kind words.
      I was really impressed by your blog – the pix , the layout and the writing .
      Keep going !
      All the best !


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