Heights of Divinity

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Heights of  Divinity


37 thoughts on “Heights of Divinity

      1. Cool! It’s the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Great place to go and see. Especially as you can go inside and up to the orchid garden on the roof. Well worth a look!

      2. Thank you very much.
        I visited the temple and was impressed by the beauty and serenity . Did not know that we can go to great extent inside. Sad !


    1. I admire the artists who designed it .
      Very old structure , it is. Still , enviable color combination .

      Thank you , Jussara.


    1. Thank you , Sid .
      It is a Chinese place of worship in Singapore.
      Beautiful architecture with even more beautiful colors !

      Hope you had great holidays !


    1. Thank you ! :)!
      I did try various angles and compositions to get it.
      Other shots were disappointing .

      Thanks again.


    1. It is the exterior of an old Chinese temple , Jayanath.
      Well maintained with amazing architecture and beautiful colors .

      Thank you very much .


    1. Thank you for the kind words.

      Your blog is impressive .
      Loved the ‘ food photography ‘.

      Keep blogging !

      All the best !


      1. Thank you Uthamz, I’ve still seeing Ur art work now, pretty awesome too! I like “moments” in photography & see U have it, so I’ll be back for seeing more later! 🙂

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