Rock art . Timeless.


Rock art . Timeless.

31 thoughts on “Rock art . Timeless.

    • A Hindu place of worship in Shringeri – in southern part of India.Constructed in 18th centuary.
      It still remains intact , despite poor maintenence !

      Thank you.


    • I am not sure , Guy.
      It is in fact not the idols that are worshipped inside the temple.
      It is part of decorations outside the temple ,
      on one side of the wall ( There are four walls an four sides ! )
      I just framed one small part of one wall !
      You can’t count the numbers of the sculptures .
      All created by hands , individually. In 18th century !!
      Amazing , isn’t it !

      Thank you .


    • There are thousands of temples with great art in India , Heather.
      Sadly , most of them are not maintained properly .
      Awesome pieces of art and beauty are there , just neglected by the authorities.
      Not many seem to know their true value.
      I feel sad and frustrated when I see them so.

      Thank you , Heather.


    • You are right , Sid. It is a lovely temple.

      It was built in 18th century .
      I do not know much about the history of this temple.
      But , behind all great art , as far as I know , there has been great pain.
      Anywhere in the world . Any time !
      That’s the truth, isn’t it ?


  1. Good picture of a piece of art, I know because I read the comments and your answers that it was taken by a point and shoot camera but did you tried to open the black area with photoshop or any other post production software.
    Thank you for sharing it.

  2. I once took 5000 shots of the temples of Khajurajo–film, not digital–so I know exactly what you mean, and what you felt when you shot this! Beautiful.

    • 5000 shots ! In film !
      Awesome experience it must have been !
      Khajurao is still in my wish list only 😦 !

      Thank you for the nice words.


  3. There’s nothing that is greater than the ancient rock art from the temples. Whenever I get time to travel (alone or with friends) I make it a point to twist the plan a bit to include ancient temples too, so that I can wlk amongst their giant structures and take a look at the marvelous sculptures. My friends think that I am religious because I never avoid temples.. 😀
    As amazing that they might be, the photo is ‘rocking’ art. 🙂 much enjoyed.

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