Landscapes - 1


Landscapes – 1

38 thoughts on “Landscapes – 1

    • It is a hill station in Southern part of India .
      There is a large , quiet lake in serene environs.
      Early morning walk around the lake is , simply , an unforgettable experience

      Thank you.


    • It is shot at Kodaikanal , Arjun.
      I just walked around the lake there , enjoying the nature .
      It was really refreshing !

      Thank you.


  1. nice touch keeping the house at the center and the converging lines of the waterplants leading to the focal point. you have a real talent and i love your captions.

  2. Kodaikanal. Good shot. I remember going there 15 years ago when I was apparently not old enough to operate a camera. All I have is a couple f moth eaten photographs in which my father took (mostly shaken, I should say.. because he was never comfortable with the machine). These days I see 7 year olds operating camera and I go ‘Yeah… right!’

    • The next generation is always smarter , Manu . ( Remember the Intel processor ad ? )
      They should be . That is the basic nature of Life .
      See the technological advances in all spheres , especially photography ,
      after the digital revolution. Film is dead ( well, almost ! )
      It was an expensive process before . I discarded it once , long ago , when I knew I can not afford it.
      Last one decade has made it affordable , popular and easy.

      Kodai is my favorite place , a place still has some serenity , silence and charm , unlike the ‘ city ‘ nature of Ooty or Munnar .
      Have been there recently. It is a nice place still, I assure you. Worth a visit.

      Thank you , Manu.


  3. Oh Kodai! I used to study there. Brings back so many memories. Do you have any of Coaker’s Walk? Suicide Point? Beautiful picture this is of the Lake….Sunday mornings we used to go for a walk here.

    • You studied in Kodai ? Lucky you !
      Kodai is a place which I like much.Have been there more than 10 times in last 25 years ,last time in Febtuary this year. Have so many pictures of all parts of Kodai – many are published in this blog itself .Suicide point – now called green valley view – can not be seen clearly as before.

      Thank you so much !
      Liked your impressive blog
      Keep ‘ following your shadow’ !


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