The Boss

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Thhe Boss


34 thoughts on “The Boss

  1. You have a wonderful and compassionate way of showing us who we are through your lens. I think of you as the “photographer philosopher.” Brilliant photo, as always….

    1. Nice to see you back , George .
      Thank you for the kind words .
      You are the first person to confer an ‘ award ‘ ( ABC Award ) for this blog , when this one was in its early days , more than an year ago.
      That was a great boost for my morale . Thank you so much for your encouragement !

      Have been visiting both of your blogs , George – ‘ Parrot ‘ and ‘ Fussy foto ‘ .
      They always maintain their dignified contents and lucid style .
      Keep going !


  2. Have been missing your photographs for a while and I was thinking why…. I clearly remember subscribing for your posts and apparently I haven’t (if WP can be believed….its giving me a lot of problems regarding liking/following anyone these days and I really hope it is temporary) Sorry for the ranting! Nice shot. 🙂

    1. I too was surprised to see their body language , Mohan .
      May be this is what ” Look good , Feel great ! ” ad means :)!

      Thank you.


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