Faces and the faceless


Faces and the faceless

20 thoughts on “Faces and the faceless

    • It is not an art gallery , Asifa .
      There is an art show going on in Kochi at different venues
      – Kochi – Muzuris Biennale . This was shot in one of the venues.

      Thank you.


    • I too found it to be interesting , Heather.
      It was as if all the painted faces staring down from the wall , when viewers are in darkness.

      Thank you.


  1. Nice blog and superb photos.
    I’m also from Kerala. The way you capture frames that we always see in our day to day life is amazing 🙂 !

    • Thank you Sanker for the kind words .
      Nice to meet you in WP.I am in Kochi .Where are you from ? I have seen your blog – really impressive one.
      Both pics and words are excellent.
      Will certainly visit more often.

      Keep blogging !
      All the best !


  2. hello! bumped into your blog and happy to have a visual delight… nice work.. following you for more delights to come..

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