Morning walk

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Morning walk


22 thoughts on “Morning walk

    1. It is in Kodaikanal – a hill station in India.
      A serene place during off – season.
      Glad you liked it .

      Thank you.


  1. Beautiful! All I could think of is “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.-John Muir “

    1. I do agree with you. Especially when there is silence .
      A walk with nature refreshes the body , mind and soul as well.

      Thanks a lot !


    1. Kodaikanal – Kodai for short – is a small hill station in India .
      – A beautiful place , serene and cool during winter when tourists stay away.
      Still retains some old charm , though urbanisation is slowly making inroads.

      Early morning walk around the main lake there is priceless !!

      Thank you.


    1. Kodai , I found , to be a great place to rewind .
      Especially , when it is off season for tourism .

      Thank you , Manu .:)!


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