Elephantine blessings !

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Elephantine blessings !


45 thoughts on “Elephantine blessings !

    1. Elephants are really majestic animals.
      Especially when they are trained .
      In India , they have very important place in all festivities.

      Thank you so much !


  1. Wonderful. It reminds me of the photos and cards my mum used to get from her Ceylonese penfriend, when I was very young, of the Kandy Perahera…. Such beautiful creatures.

    1. This is in southern part of India which is culturally related to Srilanka ( formerly Ceylon ).
      Elephants are highly revered animals in Hindu culture .

      Thank you , D&Z


    1. Indian elephants are certainly smaller in size . The shape of head is also little different.
      In Hindu culture there is much reverence for elephants .
      The festivities are often incomplete without their presence.

      Thank you , Susan.


  2. simply beautiful…you capture some of the most impressive photos I’ve seen uthamz…I enjoy seeing those that portray your traditions, culture and country…

    1. Indian culture and traditions are rich in motifs , colors ,
      rituals , scientific thought and philosophy , Heather.
      I am glad you like these pictures .

      Thank you , for your encouraging words.


    1. Definitely , there is something unique about the elephants .
      They are so lovable in spite of the size.

      Thank you , Chinue


    1. Thank you so much , Mohan .
      Recently visited Kanchipuram .
      I liked this elephant – cute , decorated and quiet.

      Thanks again.


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