Elephantine blessings !


Elephantine blessings !

45 thoughts on “Elephantine blessings !

    • Elephants are really majestic animals.
      Especially when they are trained .
      In India , they have very important place in all festivities.

      Thank you so much !


    • This is in southern part of India which is culturally related to Srilanka ( formerly Ceylon ).
      Elephants are highly revered animals in Hindu culture .

      Thank you , D&Z


    • Indian elephants are certainly smaller in size . The shape of head is also little different.
      In Hindu culture there is much reverence for elephants .
      The festivities are often incomplete without their presence.

      Thank you , Susan.


  1. simply beautiful…you capture some of the most impressive photos I’ve seen uthamz…I enjoy seeing those that portray your traditions, culture and country…

    • Indian culture and traditions are rich in motifs , colors ,
      rituals , scientific thought and philosophy , Heather.
      I am glad you like these pictures .

      Thank you , for your encouraging words.


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