Left alone

Left alone !

41 thoughts on “Left alone !

  1. Reblogged this on Wise Counsel and commented:
    Life is beautiful when you secure a vessel that can keep you afloat on the water.
    Peace of mind definitely calms the storms of life.
    A beautiful boat floats above the peaceful sea.
    How often do we let our hearts and minds stay this calm?
    Lovely shot by Uthams!

    • Thank you so much for the note.
      Sorry for the delay in response.
      Certainly , peace of mind is simply priceless.
      The problems are the ever increasing aspirations and never ending desires.

      Thanks a lot .


  2. The colors in your pictures are always amazing. This blue color is so deep and enticing. It captures my imagination, the whole scene. Thanks for sharing it with us. God bless.

  3. Where is this, Utham? I am glad when I see row-boats instead of motorboats- less polluting.



    • Kavita , it was in Kodai lake .
      I saw it during early morning walk.
      Old row boats have their own special charm . I too like them.

      Sorry to reply late.
      I was away for two weeks.


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