A Swiss Landscape


A Swiss Landscape

45 thoughts on “A Swiss Landscape

      • Were you a student?—- You need warm long underwear (long-johns), thick socks, boots, hat, scarf, gloves, shirts and warm trousers under the sweaters and a good warm coat on top of the sweaters.—-I used to live in the North-West USA. Montana as a small child and later in Oregon.. In my youth I traveled, and camped out, across Canada, up through the Yukon to Alaska. Mosquitoes all the way!!! — Winter is even cold here, in north Florida, with the cypress trees and alligators, Every winter, before we can say it is Spring, the temperature drops to between 10 F. and 20 F for at least a few days. it is below freezing for several weeks to two months, constant or off and on … we never know for sure what the temperature will be in winter..

    • I am not sure whether the camera could do perfect justification to the real beauty .
      It was an amazing experience , Uday.

      Thank you.


    • Thank you , Manu .
      Though we are used to enjoying the various shades of green in Kerala ,
      this place and its natural beauty are something extraordinary , something magical !


    • The nature ,- the colors, the feel , the climate … everything – is just awesome in Switzerland , Tanumoy.
      The cleanliness is superb.
      I was just lucky to be there for a visit .

      Thanks a lot !


  1. You are very lucky… no not just lucky, but *deservedly* lucky to visit these mesmeric places, and bring glimpses of your capture from there. Thank you for that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Stunning – the vibrant color, perspective, houses…you’ve pulled me into the location with your eye! My thanks for this piece of your work and for visiting my blog.

    • Thank you , Theresa , for the kind words.
      Switzerland is one place where nature has bestowed its
      beauty lavishly . Worth a visit , if you have not been there so far !

      Thanks again !


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