34 thoughts on “Peacock

    • Thank you , Heather .
      It is amazing to see him with all feathers spread out .
      But , he does it only during courtship. I waited for long but he was in a serious mood.
      May be later I will capture the show.


  1. You wouldn’t be so impressed if you woke up before dawn each morning to the sound of then screeeeeching!

    • :)! I know they are very active and not so quiet.
      Daily close interaction is a different story .
      But the beauty of a peacock with all feathers spread out , is just amazing !

      Thank you.


    • :)! :)! Liked that – ‘ great minds ‘ thing , Sid !

      Yes, I do agree with you on peacocks- such colorful birds , especially when in full glory,
      is nothing less than magic by nature !
      Please post your pix, Sid .
      Waiting to see them ,


    • You are right , Mohan. I have seen peacock in full bloom dancing on a cloudy day. But I did not have my camera then.
      Shall wait for the show again.

      Thank you for the kind words and wishes.


  2. Wow! I know a peacock is colorful, but never realized how detailed a peacock’s face is! Thank you Utham for always stealing me away from the busyness of my life and giving me a moment of blissful mindfulness. I am always so grateful for the reprieve.

    • :)! I am thankful for all the kind words.

      This blog is just meant to share the joy I feel, when I capture some beauty in this amazing world.
      Sharing , I think , doubles the happiness.
      I am delighted when I am able bring in a little sunshine to someone else life .
      Your words made my day !


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