The Palace and the Gardens


The Palace and the Gardens

27 thoughts on “The Palace and the Gardens

    • It is the Buckingham palace in London , Heather , where the Queen lives.
      The palace and the statue are magnificent , the the landscaping – superb !
      They are really proud of their past and the traditions and they maintain them exceptionally well !

      Thank you .


      • looks so different to me in this photo…I’ve seen it many times before, maybe it is the angle of this shot? regardless a grand building…

  1. Reminded me of the changing of the guards… a spectacular sight. Great photo.
    After watching this photo, I wish I had spent more time there. 🙂

    • :)! This was shot while we were waiting to see the changing of the guards , Manu .
      The whole crowd in front of the palace is waiting for the ceremony.
      Certainly , it was a spectacular sight ! A digified and colorful event !

      Thank you.


  2. I love this view, we most always see a dead on view in the news from the monument to the palace, or from the palace looking forward, this shot is nice viewing from the side. As always Utham your photography is beautiful.

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