Water lily

Canon, Digital photography, Flowers, Nature, Still Life, Travel

Water lily


68 thoughts on “Water lily

  1. They can “Art is everywhere, it just needs to go through a creative mind”. I can now say “Beauty is everywhere, it just needs through a creative photographer”. Thanks for such a wonderful photo and enriching our lives by making us appreciate the beauty in such simple things around us.

    1. 🙂 ! I should acknowledge that
      the golden light in early morning did help in this image, Heather .
      Thank you for the encouraging words.


    1. Thank you ,Hemacha.
      Glad to know you liked the picture.
      The early morning light actually helped a lot !

      Thanks again.


  2. Hi Utham

    This photo deserves a few lines of poetry. Lotus being a symbolic flower, here are the lines:

    As you open, sun-kissed, petal by petal
    The eyes of my darkness close forever
    All I see is light and beauty now.


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