'Golden hour ' @dawn


‘Golden hour ‘ @dawn

33 thoughts on “‘Golden hour ‘ @dawn

  1. What word comes to mind? Serene! With a setting like this I might start drinking coffee again! 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

    • You are absolutely right , Jackie.
      It was a serene morning ! And the light – simply superb !
      We spent a couple of hours just sipping hot coffee and enjoying the magic of nature.

      Thank you.


    • Rabirius , they rightly call it ‘Golden Hour ‘ !
      In this setting , I knew what they really mean !
      It was an unforgettable morning !

      Thank you.


    • It is the hotel where wevstayed in Kodai at dawn , Manu.
      The walls , doors , windows , lawn – all painted golden by the early morning sunlight
      were striking against the clear blue sky .
      Gld you liked it !

      Thank you , Manu.


    • Sorry to be late to respond , Kev .
      This is in Southerrn part of India .
      A hill station named Kodaikanal – Kodai , for short.
      Beautiful place especially during tourist season – from April to September


    • Definitely you should not miss mornings.
      The light , often , is incredibly beautiful , soft and with warmth.
      Like the excellent photograph you posted in -‘ expolre your neighbourhood ‘
      Get the thermos – at the earliest . 🙂 !
      Don’t miss more mornings ! Please.


    • 🙂 ! 🙂 ! 🙂 !
      Exactly ! We were there for 4 days .
      Could enjoy the morning coffee on 3 days sitting there in the lawn .
      One day , it was raining haevily 😦 !

      Thank you so much , Heather !


  2. I should see color noise in the foreground surface here because of lesser exposure, but I don’t see that. On this monitor, I can see detail and noise that I could never see with the old CRT and LCD monitors. Impressive work, Uthamz! 🙂

    • George , this was shot with Canon 450 D with 12 MP sensor . I did not want to raise ISO – kept it at 100 . I used a tripod to keep it sharp . Thank you . Much appreciated ! 🙂 !


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