Reflections -2


Reflections -2

42 thoughts on “Reflections -2

    • This blog’s aim is fulfilled when it brings in a little sunshine into at least one person’s mind.

      Thank you , Ina !
      Your words are really appreciated .

      Have a great weekend !
      Enjoy !


    • 🙂 ! Exactly , what I felt ! The whole area had a feel of Alappuzha !
      Except that it was more tidy and well maintained.
      This is in England , Manu , in a castle in Warwick.

      Thank you


    • This is inside a castle in England , Heather.
      In a place called Warwick. It must be at least 3 centuries old.
      Still they maintain it well. I really appreciated their respect for history !

      Thank you.


  1. I wonder what resolution you’re getting in the RAW camera image? These photographs show such deep colors and shadows that I would normally see color noise and color “bleeding” on most images that are edited to produce this “jewel” color effect. These are really fine.

    • I was shot on Canon 6D camera with 20 MP sensor .I am not sure of the resolution in RAW as the RAW pictures could not be opened on the Photoshop version I have. I have to upgrade it. So I opened the JPEG version. In fact the overcast sky that day helped me to get a lot of pictures with deep colors. Of course , I tweaked brightness and contrast of this JPEG file on Photoshop .

      Thank you , George.


      • Well, now wonder you get such clarity and depth of color. A 20MP sensor… You know, I’ve had some good results with tweaking exposure and gamma in Photoshop instead of brightness and contrast. That doesn’t produce harsh light and it deepens the colors.

        Photoshop has a deal now for 40% off on Cloud membership. I pay the regular $50 a month, but I’m going to talk to them about that. The only alternative is to use Lightroom so you get the plug-in capability. People are very upset with Adobe about the requirement to subscribe to Cloud. Oh, well. 🙂 Thanks for telling me. I could have looked at your equipment page.. But, I’m old and scatterbrained, you know…

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